we help companies with life integration
through distributed, remote or telecommute initiatives

blend me is an internal marketing and engagement firm that helps organizations cultivate a location independent workplace.

why internal?

$11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover and companies with engaged employees outperform those without by up to 202%
(Dale Carnegie)

Retain Top Talent

Reduce Employee Turnover

Engagement is the key to retaining talent. Establish and nurture flexible work options and you will increase job satisfaction and levels of engagement and thus, keep your employees. In a 2015 survey, 3 out of 4 employees stated they would quit their job for one that lets them work remotely more often (shrm.org).

Attract Top Talent

Increase Talent Pool and Diversity

A culture of flexibility and work/life integration will enable you to have access to global talent leading to diverse and cost-effective recruitment. Racially and ethnically diverse companies outperform industry norms by 35% (McKinsey & Company).

our philosophy

Defined by Jack Nilles in 1973, Telework is the practice of working from home, making use of the Internet, e-mail, and the telephone.

telework's big three

  • A distributed company has no centralized workplace. Distributed employee’s work from wherever they are comfortable and productive.
  • Remote Employees work away from the centralized workplace.
  • Telecommuter employees share their time commuting to a central workplace and working from home.

our services

we provide telework consulting services to organizations who are culture-driven and have in interest in either distributed, remote or telecommute work environments


  • internal branding
  • internal communications
  • employee referral programs


  • employee handbooks
  • culture and policy alignment
  • human resources manuals


  • IT advising
  • software training
  • product development

knowledge, news and fun

we share stories and expertise from our experiences, the latest research and news from other blended workspaces, and a little entertainment

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